Dare County, North Carolina

Dolphin Research 05-21-2015

Science on the Sound

Jessica Taylor, President and Principal Investigator at the Outer Banks Center for Dolphin Research (OBXCDR). The OBXCDR has been conducting a long-term study on the bottlenose dolphins in Roanoke Sound since 2008. By photographing the distinctive markings on their dorsal fins, the OBXCDR are able to track individual dolphins over time. When they surface, researchers are also able to observe various types of skin lesions that may be indicative of reactions to environmental variables or evidence of viral, bacterial, or fungal diseases. In 2012, the OBXDCR conducted a preliminary study examining the prevalence and types of skin lesions on dolphins in Roanoke Sound. Ms. Taylor will present the results of this study as well as the relationship between the health of the local dolphin population and the health of Roanoke Sound.